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Careless & Dangerous Driving

Reliable Dangerous Driving Lawyer in Orangeville

At the Richard Allman Law Office, Richard has decades of experience defending against reckless driving offences in Brampton, Orangeville and the surrounding communities. These include careless, dangerous, and stunt driving charges on public roads and highways. We have years of legal experience with defending drivers charged with dangerous driving. When we investigate the details of a dangerous driving charge, we observe that the officers usually presume that the driver involved in an accident was driving dangerously. Later investigation reveals that the driver did not plan on driving dangerously but made a driving error instead. At Richard Allman Law Office, our dangerous driving lawyer in Orangeville will defend your rights in court and do everything legally possible to avoid a ruling that could seriously impact your life.


What Is Dangerous Driving?

Dangerous driving is a crime as per the Criminal Code of Canada. Section 249 (1a) of the Criminal Code defines the basic offence of dangerous driving as operating “a motor vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public, having regard to all the circumstances, including the nature, condition and use of the place at which the motor vehicle is being operated and the amount of traffic that at the time is or might reasonably be expected to be at that place.” Consequences include jail time, losing your driver’s licence, and subtracting demerit points from your driving record. There are many additional offences related to dangerous driving, such as stunt driving and street racing, which carry additional penalties.


What Determines Dangerous Driving?

Determining whether one has committed a dangerous driving offence is done by studying how the perpetrator operated the motor vehicle instead of the after-effects of the driving. In cases involving a death or a collision, a court cannot conclude how the vehicle was operated from the consequences. The nature of driving should be established irrespective of the consequences.

Dangerous Driving Penalty

A dangerous driving charge usually involves the following penalties:

  • A criminal record for life
  • Mandatory one-year drivers license suspension
  • Possible jail
  • Fines
  • Probation

If you want to escape dangerous driving charges, call Richard Allman Law Office. You will get reliable legal advice and get represented by one of the most trusted dangerous driving lawyers in Orangeville.


Get in Touch

At Richard Allman Law, we use all the defences known to law to help our clients avoid significant jail time for what may be nothing more than a genuine traffic accident. We understand why the law takes this offence so seriously, but we want you to know that we take protecting each of our clients’ rights just as seriously. Don’t take the chance that you could lose your licence or your freedom; contact the Richard Allman Law Office to learn more.

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