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Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault Defence Lawyers in Orangeville, Brampton & Surrounding Areas of Ontario


If you’ve been charged with any type of assault, it can be a painful, traumatic experience. More so, those charged under Criminal Code Section 266 often have difficulty contacting their loved ones due to the code’s tough bail restrictions. That’s why it’s essential to have an experienced domestic assault lawyer. Orangeville families have often counted on the advice and expertise of Richard Allman Law Office to help them through the maze of Ontario’s complex criminal justice system.


In Canada, domestic assault is considered to be a serious offence. To protect your rights and defend yourself in court, contact Richard for legal advice and guidance.

What is Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault is an assault that takes place within a family or an intimate relationship. It typically consists of physical, verbal or threatening accusations and might even include the use of weapons.


Offences can be as minor as a shove or a slap, and as major as a punch or strike with an object. These charges are similar to other assault charges such as assault cause bodily harm, aggravated assault or any other criminal harassment or threatening death or injury.


Why You Need an Assault Lawyer in Orangeville

Anyone who has been charged with domestic assault in Orangeville, Brampton or the surrounding areas should consult with a lawyer. The stakes are just too high to let the courts decide your fate. If you are convicted of domestic assault, you could lose out on:

Employment opportunities

Contact with family

Financial stability

Freedom (house arrest)

Immigration opportunities

Privacy (arrest reported in media)

And much more

In relatively minor cases, the Crown may be willing to accept a deal, especially if the aggressor is willing to undergo anger management and/or commit to changing instigating behaviours. Richard Allman Law Office always takes a pragmatic approach in representing all domestic assault cases, no matter how minor or major they appear — you have a right to be represented and judged fairly. 

Speak with a Domestic Assault Lawyer in Orangeville

Are you ready to create a solid defence against domestic assault allegations? Call Richard Allman Law Office to schedule a consultation.

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