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Criminal Law Office in Brampton & Orangeville

Accusations can disrupt and ruin your life. Those charged with criminal offences might feel frustrated, frightened, confused and uncertain of the future. If you are stuck in this situation and need a defence lawyer for a criminal matter, our law office can help! If you have been charged with a criminal or traffic offence, call Richard Allman Law Office in Orangeville for practical legal advice you can trust. Richard has nearly 33 years of experience in helping clients. He is a criminal law professional who will help you to understand your rights and achieve the best possible outcome in court.


Whether you are accused of domestic violence, impaired or dangerous driving, or sexual assault, Richard has the ability and proven experience to advise and guide you in order to defend you against the criminal allegations. Our top priority is to reach the best resolution in an acceptable and timely manner. When it comes to the defence of a criminal charge in Brampton, Orangeville and the surrounding communities, turn to the expertise of Richard Allman Law Office.

Richard Allman Law Office provides legal advice to those charged with:

Results Matter


For over 33 years, Richard has been trusted by clients to handle an array of criminal offences in Orangeville and surrounding areas in Ontario. He understands the life-altering pressure that a criminal accusation creates and how difficult it is to confront a criminal charge at court trials. That is why his focus is always on providing top-quality legal advice and assistance to each client he serves. Every case he undertakes is treated seriously. Richard gathers all relevant and important information before presenting the case in court.


Richard is a real problem solver. Our clients regularly report a sense of relief upon engaging with the best lawyer who uses his tailored experience and expertise to reach desired outcomes for each case. His law office has a reputation of exhibiting high-level professionalism and ethics and is respected for its ability to defend all criminal matters. If you are worried about your criminal charge, visit our office in Orangeville, Ontario for good advice regarding your case. We can help you with pleas and trials.

Here to Help: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

When your freedom and livelihood are at stake, it can seem like time is standing still. The last thing you want to deal with is an unresponsive criminal lawyer. The Richard Allman Law Office is available 24/7 in an emergency. If the police have contacted you or you are about to be charged and need immediate attention, you can call us anytime. If your loved one is under arrest and you need assistance with a bail hearing, Richard is here to answer your questions.

Useful Resources and Information

You need information and guidance to address your legal situation. You can find many useful resources and helpful information on the Richard Allman Law Office blog. Additionally, please feel free to read testimonials from satisfied clients, so you can see the benefits of working with a dedicated lawyer.

What Can an Experienced Criminal Lawyer Do for You?

Many of Canada's criminal and traffic laws are complex. An experienced criminal lawyer can help determine what issues your case may have and provide you with advice on your next steps in the process. The Richard Allman Law Office is committed to ensuring your rights are respected through the entire process and that you receive the best defence available.

Servicios En Español

¿Te sientes más cómodo hablando en español? The Richard Allman Law Office is happy to offer legal services in Spanish.

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