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Testimonials from Customers in Brampton & Orangeville

At Richard Allman Law Office, he offers sound legal advice against criminal charges. Over the last several years, he has defended hundreds of clients successfully and aim to do that for all of his clients. Read some testimonials from customers in Brampton and Orangeville to see why you should work with an experienced lawyer.

“Having the need to reach out to a criminal lawyer is not something we ever plan on. Life happens, unfortunately some times things go badly, mistakes are made. Our family went through some difficult times. Richard Allman and his assistant were a God Send. Not only on a professional level but on a personal one as well. Mr. Allman fought really hard for the best possible outcome. An honest realistic outcome. He works very hard for you without sugar coating the situation. We were very happy with and grateful for the services provided by Mr. Allman and his assistant.”

V.H. - August 2022

“I hired Richard Allman to represent me as my lawyer for a situation I was Involved in.

Richard was very professional and knowledgeable.

Richard went out of his way to help me. Richard helped me understand all aspects of the situation.

Richard took control of the situation right from the start.

I was completely satisfied with the outcome, and the result was better than expected.

As the situation progressed Richard communicated often to inform me of changes in the case.

I would not only hire Richard again I would recommend his services to anyone in need.


I would like to add that his assistant Karen was very professional she also helped and answered all the questions, concerns I had.”

K.M. - July 2022

“In 2019 I was accused of a serious crime I did not commit. I was at risk of going to jail and being taken away from my family. Mr. Allman and his staff believed in my innocence and took every step to ensure I had the best chance at being acquitted. Mr. Allman even attended at the location of the allegations and took photos that were used in Court to help the Judge understand my testimony easier. Mr. Allman called all of the witnesses that the Crown did not, to include the police and other experts so that my case was completely before the Court. My case was extremely complicated and Mr. Allman was very thorough in making sure nothing was left unturned. My trial was supposed to be two days but it was closer to10 days, due to circumstances beyond Mr. Allman and my control. Mr. Allman was very fair with his fees, and all of the staff that helped to assist with this case were amazing. I would recommend his services to my friends and family 200%


Thank you Mr. Allman for proving my innocence and keeping with my family!”

D.C. - June 2022

“Having had my case handled by Richard and his office while I was living in Thunder Bay was going to be a disaster…or so I feared. Never having actually met Richard or Karen, I was instantly at ease when we spoke over the phone. I knew that I had nothing to worry about and I was in good hands! 

I am beyond grateful for Richard and his team and ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem enough.”

T. P. - February 2022

“I hired Mr. Allman for his straight forward approach and expertise.  He took charge of my case and put forward a defence brief that convinced the Crown to drop my charges even before I had to set a trial date.”

M. S. - Feb 2021

“Mr. Allman and his office worked hard during the pandemic and got me an awesome result.  I wasn’t expecting him to be able to get me such a great outcome, but I was very pleased when he did.”

C.T. - Feb 2021

“Mr. Allman got me a very favourable result in that some of my charges were dropped which saved me paying large fines.  I was impressed with his level of service and I was happy that I chose him as my legal aid lawyer.”

L.J. - Feb 2021

“I hired Mr. Allman and his office for my charges which could have very well impacted my career had I been found guilty.  Richard exceeded my expectations.”

D.E. - Jan 2021

“I hired Mr. Allman through legal aid.  I had used him previously and he was the only lawyer I wanted to help me with my new charges.  I was in custody and it was difficult to be inside during Covid.  Richard not only helped me with my case, he had all the charges against me dropped.”

J.C. - Nov 2020

“Mr. Allman and his staff worked very hard on my case.  Even with all the closures of the court he was able to speak with the Crown and work out a resolution.  After I completed some counselling, Richard was able to get my charges dropped.”

J. L. - Nov 2020

“I was very happy with the service.  I felt confident in Mr. Allman’s expertise.  He was straightforward and explained everything to me that he thought he could do.  He was able to get me a peace bond which I was hoping for.”

C.C. - Nov 2020

“I was very pleased with the service and outcome.  His assistant was great and always kept me informed by way of email or phone calls.  I made the right choice going with Mr. Allman and I would recommend him to anyone I know who needs a criminal lawyer.”

B.F. - Oct 2020

Good Work


"I am a community professional partner and I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Allman and his staff supporting multiple clients with their court and legal matters. Mr. Allman provides client focused services while exuding compassion and professionalism. He takes the best approach with a variety of difficult complex clients and Mr. Allman always demonstrates empathy and has gone over and above to seek out additional resources and supports for his clients. He ensures their legal matters are tended to but also recognize their maximum potential and set the clients up for future success beyond the ending of their legal matters."

 M.M – May 2018 

RN & Community Support Worker.

Good Service


"I received very good service. He was always very professional and courteous. He was personable and easy to talk to and was very interested in my case and did what was best for me."

J.B – May 2018

Quick and Clear Communication


"5 Star rating for this lawyer and his staff. It was convenient to attend for appointments due to Mr. Allman having 2 office locations. Always provided quick and clear communication. They provide a comfortable environment when discussing case and issues. Mr. Allman puts his client’s needs and wishes first and gives honest and helpful advice."

V.L – May 2018

Extremely Experienced


"Mr. Allman and his staff take the extra time to always be sure to explain things, especially during the court process. This is more than most lawyers and is not an often seen experience with lawyers."

 M.Y – April 2018

Very Professional


"Mr. Allman and his staff are very professional, informative and friendly. Great communication with prompt return of emails and phone calls. I recommend this lawyer."

C.S – March 2018

Extremely Knowledgeable


"I was very happy with the results of my case because Mr. Allman got me the best possible outcome and I was able to avoid some huge fines. I felt like he really went to bat for me and was extremely knowledgeable about my case. 5 star service."

K.G – March 2018

Amazing Work


"He is an amazing lawyer and has always worked wonders for me. Highly recommend him."

A.T – Feb 2018

Highly Recommended


"Mr. Allman makes sure everything is clear and that I can fully trust him. He always seemed to know what was going on and was organized. 5 stars and would recommend this lawyer."

D.C – Feb 2018

Great Results


"Highly recommend Mr. Allman. He trusted and believed in me and from the moment that I walked into his office, I knew he was the right lawyer to defend me in court. I felt very comfortable, welcomed and felt like my case really mattered to him and his staff. He strongly represented me in court and was successful in getting the charges completely withdrawn. I never thought this result would happen but Mr. Allman and his team made it happen and I was given my freedom back. God Bless Them."

R. A – Feb 2018

Great Resource


"Richard Allman was extremely professional and helpful through the entity of my judicial experience. Having never been in a situation like this before, it was reassuring to have someone with Mr. Allman’s years of experience and knowledge on my side. I was able to get the result that not only met my expectations but exceeded them."

B.B – Nov 2017

Great Service and Great Results


"Mr. Allman is a man of respect, professionalism and integrity. He is very lucky to have two great assistants. His office always made me feel comfortable like a friend, not just a client."

C.C – Nov 2017

Couldn’t Have Asked for More


"Allman and his staff were true professionals at all times throughout the carriage of my file. I offer the highest possible recommendation for Mr. Allman to represent anyone that requires a criminal defense lawyer. This was my first time requiring legal assistance and throughout this time of immense stress Mr. Allman explained all options available to me with a feeling that things were under control and he was on top of my case. Mr. Allman made himself available for my bail hearing and answered all questions and inquires in a timely manner throughout. He presented as a man of integrity going the distance for me when presenting my defense, and was amazing in “thinking on his feet” when in court. I could not have asked for more or a better outcome thanks to Mr. Allman and his staff. I am relieved to put closure to this chapter of my life and am truly grateful for Mr. Allman’s utmost dedication to my case. If anyone ever needs criminal defense legal help, Mr. Allman’s firm will certainly be the only recommendation I make."

D.A – Oct 2017

Sound Legal Advice


"I have used Mr. Allman on more than one occasion to help with my criminal matters. He is efficient, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. 5 star rating and would always recommend him." 

D.B – Aug 2017

They Deliver!


"Earlier this year I had a situation where I had called the Police to help me deal with a situation within my home, but after a misunderstanding the Police unfortunately mistook me as the criminal and had pressed a fairly serious charge against me. I was concerned that the court's would convict me of a criminal offence and that I would end up with a criminal record that would follow me around for the rest of my life. After hearing only good things about Richard Allman, I hired him to represent me in Court. I was surprised how fast he took charge and showed initiative in getting my charges dropped. He dealt with the matter quickly and efficiently, and proved himself to be very knowledgeable in the steps taken to preserve the integrity of the process. I am now able to go on with my life without fear of a criminal record following me."

D.F – Sept 2016

If you are happy with your experience with Richard Allman Law Office, be sure to let him know. Contact Richard Allman Law Office to submit your own testimonial and schedule an appointment.

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