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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Defence Lawyers in Orangeville & Brampton

For a sexual assault defence lawyer in Orangeville or Brampton, turn to Richard Allman Law Office. Richard is experienced in handling and defending complicated criminal sexual assault cases. There are serious penalties for a conviction, including:

Prison sentences

Registration on the National Sex Offender Registry

Loss of employment

Financial consequences

Damage to reputation

You need a professional and knowledgeable lawyer on your side to protect and defend your rights and ensure that you are represented fairly. He will present several defence options and help you choose the best course of action for you and your family. Contact Richard Allman Law Office to schedule an appointment with a lawyer.

Sexual Assault Charges

In Ontario, sexual assault is defined as a sexual act or touch that another party does not consent to, ranging from unwanted kissing and touching to fondling and rape, even without injury. Other sexual assault charges involve attempts or threats of force, sexual assault with a weapon, and aggravated sexual assault. You can be charged with sexual assault within a marriage or sexual contact with a minor under 16 years of age.

You may consult with a sexual assault lawyer in Orangeville, Brampton or surrounding areas if you are facing a sexual assault charge related to a variety of situations:

  • Touching a person’s genitals, breasts, nipples, buttocks or thighs in private or public
  • Kissing, massaging or touching when consent was not given 
  • Sexual contact with someone under the age of consent you believed was over 16 years of age
  • Mistaken belief in consent or date rape
  • Sexual situations where alcohol or drugs are present

The Legal Definition of Consent

The focus of most sexual assault cases is on the issue of consent. According to the criminal code, you could face sexual assault charges if the complainant withdraws consent at any time during sexual activity and you do not comply. The complainant does not have to say no or physically resist to express their lack of consent. If the accuser had been “incapable of consenting,” even if they said yes, you could be held accountable and charged with sexual assault.


According to the Criminal Code of Canada (s. 273), a person cannot give consent freely if they are grossly under the influence of drugs or alcohol or unconscious or asleep. That means you are responsible for taking reasonable steps before any sexual activity to know that the other person can consent. Your defence for mistaken belief in consent is limited if your behaviour is affected by self-induced intoxication or recklessness or willful blindness to the circumstances of your actions.

Legal Defence for Sexual Assault Charges

As a legal defence lawyer, Richard A. Allman offers professional advice and representation if you are charged with sexual assault in Orangeville, Brampton or surrounding areas, beginning with your bail hearing. You do not have to speak to the police, but the police are required to allow you to contact a lawyer or must tell you about Legal Aid Ontario for free legal counsel if you cannot afford a lawyer.

Since the punishment in Ontario for sexual assault can range from 6 months in jail to 25 years in prison and requires registration as a convicted sex offender, acquiring legal representation as soon as charges are filed is important. Richard is available for emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the circumstances of your arrest and allegations made against you, be prepared to discuss your personal and medical history and any mental health conditions or addictions you have. He will see you through your bail hearing and then properly represent you with a personalized and thorough defence.

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