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Legal Services in Orangeville, Brampton and Surrounding Area


When charged with a criminal offence, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? It is “what will happen to my family and me?”. Any criminal offence can greatly impact the livelihood of an ordinary person, if falsely accused. At Richard Allman Law Office in Orangeville, we offer our professional legal services to deal with any negative consequence arising from a misinterpreted, miscommunicated or falsely alleged criminal case. Our goal is to make sure that our clients receive the strongest defense possible. Richard is an experienced lawyer who prides himself on his expertise in criminal cases and ability to highlight the strengths of your case and uphold your rights under the law.


With over 33 years of experience, Richard Allman Law Office has a proven track record of delivering excellent results for all our clients when your reputation and career are at stake. Our firm is dedicated to using legal expertise and client service to get you the results you deserve in a criminal trial.



Types of Cases We Handle


Finding the right lawyer is your first priority after being arrested. Get the right lawyer for your case: Richard Allman. Richard provides legal services in Orangeville, Brampton, Guelph, Newmarket and surrounding areas for:

Being accused of a crime you never committed can be an extremely stressful situation. Before you proceed to trial, you must understand your rights to ensure you get a fair judgement and outcome for your case.


The best way to understand your case, rights and to formulate a winning strategy for your case is to speak to a lawyer who has experience, knowledge and skills to guide you in the area that affects you. We will fight for your rights. Call Richard at Richard Allman Law Office for an initial free consultation.

How He Works for You

Criminal lawyers, also known as criminal defence lawyers, defend individuals, organizations and entities charged with various crimes. Good criminal defence lawyers can mean the difference between jail time and your freedom. Trust Richard Allman in Orangeville to carefully review your case and work with you to achieve a fair result. He'll work hard to ensure your legal rights are being protected. He will:

Investigate your case

Interview witnesses

Research case laws, statutes, crime codes, procedural laws

Build your defence

Develop a case strategy

Negotiate with the prosecution

Draft, file and argue motions

Advocate for the defendant

Draft, file and argue appeals

We are there to help you 24/7 in emergency situations. Contact our lawyer to arrange a meeting with you.



Comprehensive Background Session With Richard

Unlike large firms with multiple lawyers, Richard Allman is a sole practitioner. This means you can rest assured knowing that the lawyer you meet and consult with is the lawyer who joins you in court and handles your case. Whether or not it’s your first offence, he has extensive knowledge of criminal law and procedures to develop a winning strategy and protect you during a criminal trial. Along with this, our firm conducts a one-on-one thorough background session with our clients to know more about you, your case, relevant facts and the people involved in your case to determine the optimal solution for you. We want you to understand your case as much as we do and know which defences will work the best for your case.


To get the best results, the earlier you contact our office, the sooner Richard can start researching and advising you on your case. When you come to your first consultation, make sure you bring all of your case-related paperwork and a list of any questions you may have. Richard always takes the time to sit with, answer questions and advise his clients properly. When you or your business needs a strong defence lawyer, contact Richard Allman Law Office.


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Get the defence you deserve.

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