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Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Orangeville and the Surrounding Areas

As a criminal lawyer in Brampton and Orangeville, Richard Allman has the advocacy skills to argue your case before a judge. With a thorough understanding of municipal, provincial and federal laws, court procedures, evidentiary laws, and local judges, he will effectively defend your case. The prime goal of Richard Allman Law Office is to provide dedicated, transparent and exceptional legal counselling to every client. It is never an easy thing to be accused of a crime, but Richard Allman has defended clients against criminal charges across Guelph, Bradford and Newmarket. As an experienced criminal lawyer, he will passionately fight for you in court and try to get the most favourable outcome for you, whether it is an acquittal or a reduced sentence.


What Can Richard Do for You?


With over 33 years of experience, Richard focuses on providing his clients with the best available options. He believes in strong core values like quality client service, excellent legal guidance and undivided attention for our clientele. While the severity of the case, circumstances, accusations, strategies, and charges might vary as every case is unique, the efforts put in by Richard remain the same i.e., 100%.


If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Guelph, Brampton, Orangeville or the surrounding communities in Ontario, trust in Richard’s professional skill and hardworking nature to help you achieve the best possible outcome in court.


Richard’s Mission

Richard believes in bringing justice to those who truly deserve it. This is why his goal is to provide his clients with the most effective and transparent legal representation in sexual assault, impaired driving, drug offences and other serious criminal cases. He understands the dilemma and stress one goes through while contacting him for a case. Richard’s compassionate and dedicated approach allows him to provide a thorough review of your legal rights, with a straightforward evaluation of your options and a blueprint on how he will fight your case to ensure that those rights are enforced. Richard also makes it a point to represent his client’s interests, legally and responsibly, vigorously. Unlike large firms, Richard is a solo practitioner, allowing him to give your case the undivided attention it needs. You are not just a number to him, but a person whose rights he will defend passionately in court.


Working Towards Achieving Desirable Results


Being accused of a criminal offence can be a daunting experience and might leave an impact on your life. Richard does everything possible in his ability to make the situation less stressful with a truly personal approach to your case. Richard keeps you informed on every step he takes to make you feel confident that everything possible is being done to make your case stronger and worth fighting. At our law office, he coordinates with our clients to work together towards a common goal of obtaining the best results for them.


Defending Your Criminal Case in Bradford and Newmarket


Richard offers his legal advice and counsel to those charged with different criminal offences across Bradford, Newmarket and Orangeville. Over the years, he has defended cases across the spectrum and has extensive areas of practice. Experienced criminal lawyers like him can mean the difference between jail time and your freedom. If you are facing criminal proceedings, place your trust in Richard Allman. He will do everything it takes, from investigating the case to interviewing witnesses to researching the laws, statutes and criminal codes specific to your case. Once he has the facts, he will develop a customized case strategy for you, negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf, and, if required, file motions and advocate for you. Richard Allman can also do client interviews and preparation in the Spanish language.


Why Choose Richard Allman in Guelph?

As your legal representative, Richard makes sure that he can provide his clients with the best possible result. As an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Guelph, Richard Allman will do everything he can to plead your case in court effectively. Richard also provides legal representation to Spanish speakers and can converse with you in your language of preference to ensure he gets all the facts.


Suppose the police have contacted you or are about to be charged and need immediate attention. In that case, you need to call a trusted criminal lawyer in Bradford, Guelph, Newmarket and surrounding areas. While dealing with legal issues, it is necessary to have your facts and research in place. That is why Richard has also curated a list of resources to familiarize yourself with specific courts and types of offences.

Get the Defence You Deserve 

Richard recommends having active participation with the client so they know as much about their case as possible so that they can understand and make an informed decision on their options. The client’s final and educated decision is the ultimate instruction to us that we will abide by.


Richard Allman’s creative thinking and analytical skills allow him to customize a strategy for your case, no matter how complex. With a strong understanding of the Federal and Provincial Criminal Codes and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, he will ensure that your rights are protected and get the vigorous defence you deserve.


Call the Richard Allman Law Office to schedule your appointment.

Robert Allman
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